Harlech Transport and Connectivity Study (Menter Môn, 2018)

The Challenge

Harlech has accessibility challenges, with the old town and famous castle sitting on top of a steep hill and some of the town and community facilities sitting at the bottom. Transport options are limited and exacerbated during the holiday season with large numbers of tourist visitors coming to Harlech to see the castle.

The Response

MHA undertook a rapid transport review to examine connectivity and accessibility issues. We reviewed evidence and undertook community consultation before identifying a forward strategy for the town. We recommended reintroduction of a summer shuttle service, changes to parking management and surface treatment and public realm enhancements to the high street.

Subsequently, we have helped to prepare a funding bid to reintroduce the shuttle service for the summer of 2018. This pilot will examine whether a combination of farebox revenue and contributions from stakeholders is justified to maintain the service in future years.

The result

The funding bid was successful and plans are underway to run a shuttle service for summer 2018. MHA has been retained to provide support for marketing and promoting the service, and developing a monitoring framework for assessing its impact.

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