We regularly work in affiliation with other independent consultants and individuals to put together teams with the appropriate skills and experience to address your requirements.

Some of our affiliates include:

Ansons Consulting: Ansons provides support and advice to corporate, public and third sector clients to cut the financial, environmental and social impacts of travel. They design, deliver and evaluate strategies that influence the travel choices people make. We work together on behaviour change programmes.

G Fleet services: Gfleet is an independent Sustainable Transport Consultancy that works with organisations wishing to reduce the financial, environmental, and social cost of transport. Gfleet provides specialist support to establish current fuel useage and mileage, calculate the carbon footprint of organisations and identify cash, carbon and energy savings that can be delivered through new transport and travel policies. We work together to undertake business travel reviews for organisations.

Social Marketing Gateway: SMG is one of the UK’s leading social marketing and behaviour change agencies who undertake research, campaign delivery, evaluation and training, as well as providing a full suite of digital marketing support. We have worked together on behaviour change programmes where active travel is part of a broader campaign, such as a health promotion campaign.

In the Round Communications: In the Round Communications Ltd. is a marketing communications, information and outreach agency, with a particular speciality in travel demand management and transport communications for major events.

Transport Initiatives: TI is an independent transport planning consultancy with a particular specialism in cycling, offering a full suite of services around cycle strategy and network development.

Pete Z: is a self-employed sustainable travel specialist, well-known in the cycling industry. Pete was instrumental in the set-up and roll out of Bikeability training and has helped to develop this approach internationally.

Rhian Lewis: is a self-employed sustainable travel specialist focusing on behaviour change, particularly employer travel planning and residential travel planning.